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Hedef Textile, your location in Turkey Textile Industry; we owe our duty to work very hard and to provide quality and perfect service to our customers.

Our goal includes the desire and self-confidence required to achieve our goals and learn new goals.

While achieving all our goals;

  • To manufacture quality textile products to increase the quality of life of our society and contribute to the development of the textile industry,
  • To train textile workers who are committed to their professions, who are of high quality, who value people, and who will work in determination and determination that will take them further than the current state of the textile industry,
  • To contribute to the economic, cultural, social and technological development of our region, country and world by contributing to the economy of the region and the country through production and employment,
  • To provide perfect customer satisfaction in every situation for every job we do,
  • Providing our services to our customers in the best possible way,


The word “Destination“, which we have named ourselves, is actually an indication of how big goals we want to achieve. If we try to summarize them briefly;

  • To be a most reliable, internationally-standard Textile company that produces the highest quality in the Turkish and World Textile Industry.
  • To be a world brand that increases the competitive power of our country at the international level, reaches the power to determine the world standards in production, is compatible with technology, and respects people and nature.
  • To be a model in the sector with its superior team, modern infrastructure and pioneering applications and to be one of the modern institutions that are referenced in the field.
  • To offer the services we provide without sacrificing quality since the day we were founded, with ever-renewed technology, always in higher quality and just in time.


Topçular Avenue. Rami Kışla Street. Kurtoğlu Sanayi Apartment,
Number:7/25 Eyupsultan / Istanbul


(0212) 564 21 08




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