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” Hedef Textile”
It operates in a modern and state-of-the-art production facility located in a 1800 square meter closed area in the center of Istanbul

It can produce all kinds of knitting designs and diversity with its own designers in knitting and fabric.

Hedef Textile responds to the needs and expectations of its customers with fast reflexes, by giving importance to the consultations, presents the most appropriate knitting collections on time.

Men’s Sweaters, Women’s Sweaters, Children’s Sweaters, Baby Clothing and Accessories, Organic Products (All products can be produced as “Organic” upon request.)

Vest, Cardigan, Scarf, Beret, Shawl, Poncho, Knee Brace, Leggings, Wristband, Blanket Types, Baby Blanket, Knit Pillow Cover, Knit Seat Cover,

It can produce home textile, knitwear knit fabric, knitwear accessories and many more products.

In short, our company, which successfully reflects all kinds of knitting styles for knitwear and strengthens its collection with various accessory designs, confronts its target audience with a wide variety in every season.

Hedef Textile
” Kalitenin Kaynağı, Dünya’nın Tercihi “


Topçular Avenue. Rami Kışla Street. Kurtoğlu Sanayi Apartment,
Number:7/25 Eyupsultan / Istanbul


(0212) 564 21 08




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